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A note from the nurse:

I realize there has been recent controversy regarding sex education being taught in our school district.  From statements by parents and community members that I have heard and read, I believe a majority of parents agree that sex education in the school is a positive aspect of their child’s education.  With your support, I hope we can continue providing this information to your students.  Most importantly, please know that our school and presenters strongly promote abstinence.


Our program

There will be two lectures this semester.  Our first lecture will be regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Ms. Samantha Young will be the presenter.  She is an education coordinator for the Health Outreach Prevention Education (HOPE) organization in Tulsa that specializes in HIV testing.

The second lecture will be given by Mr. Sean Bridges and Ms. Deidra Killion, RN from the Delaware County Health Department.  The health department presenters will talk to your students about the services they provide to our community members.  There is discussion regarding the different types of birth control, their efficacy, and the proper use.  They offer family planning counseling, the WIC program, and other health services.

No student will be required to attend these lectures if a parent requests their child not attend.  There is a form in the nurse’s office that your student may bring home for the parent to sign and return to my office.  Please note, the form should not be turned into the front office.  It should come directly to the nurse’s office.

If you have any questions, please call me at  918-253-4466 ext. 327.  I hope to see your students there because I strongly believe this is making a difference. 

Thank you

So glad you came to my website.


Parents if you have a child that has any health issues you would like me to be aware of, please let me know.  These health histories are not always passed on from year to year, especially if your child is new to the high school or has been newly diagnosed with a health issue.  I welcome any information and you may either email me at scatlett@jay.k12.ok.us or just call my office at 918-253-4466 ext 327.


This year the high school will be offering free eye exams, preventative vaccinations, and sex education classess for the 8th, 9th, and 11th graders.  Please come visit my page throughout the year as times and dates for these services will be announced.