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Aaron Thomas


Here is the plan for Band Camp, as of today:


Camp is Monday-Friday, July 27-31, at the high school, and there is no cost to students.

We'll split into 3 groups, with each group being on campus for 90 minutes each, and 30 minutes between groups.

Group One will be Percussion only, from 9-10:30 am each day

Group Two will be Brass only, from 11-12:30 each day

Group Three will be Woodwinds and Color Guard, from 1:30-3.

Here are the rules that we are REQUIRED to follow: Each day, each student will be screened for symptoms and have their temperature taken at the beginning of their section. DO NOT come early or stay are not allowed to just hang out. I know you want to and I know you've missed each other (and I have missed you, too), but we have to do all we can to keep things safe and each other healthy. If you share a ride with someone (family, etc.) and you are in different sections, you can pick one or the other so you don't have to make multiple trips each day.

You will need to bring your own won't be able to use the water fountains, and we will not provide water. Bring a jug or bottled water. Since we won't be out on the field as much, you won't need as much, but better to have more than you need.

Everyone has to social distance (inside and out). Also, whenever you aren't playing, you'll need to have a mask/face covering on. We'll try to be outside as much as we can (I know it's hot, and we won't be on the field much...just out in the shade probably). It's important that each of you remember not to share your instrument with anyone else. We'll talk more about specific procedures next week.

Parents, I know this is a lot...I will do all I can to make this a safe, positive experience. If any of you are hesitant about coming to camp in person, I totally understand. That's a call you and your family will have to make.

Please share this info with all of your band friends...some aren't on Classroom. If you are a new high school band member, don't be too nervous...everybody has their first day of high school band, and you'll do great.

As far as drug testing, I don't have an answer for that yet. I'll let you know when I find out.


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